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How Qigong helps you to find your Purpose in Life

How Qigong helps you to find your Purpose in Life

In this short video I explain some of the benefits of Qigong and how it can help you to find your purpose.


When you’re going slow and you’re doing the exercises slowly,
and you’re breathing slow deep breaths inside the body,
it takes away the worry and it takes away the anxiety.
When the worry and anxiety lifts it has an effect of calming the mind.

Some of the effects that practicing Qigong will have:

• It takes away the confusion in your mind
• It takes away stress from your body
• And what you get back is a feeling of confidence
• You get a feeling of being courageous
• You have a feeling of connection with yourself and others
• You have a feeling of contentment in your life
• You become more creative and your mind and your heart are creative in any way
• It helps to develop your intuition and your ability to hear the inner voice talking to you and guiding you from your heart.

All of this increases when you’re going slowly and you’re feeling calmer.

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Pete C


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