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Nourishing Roots: Step 1 – Source Essence

Nourishing Roots: Step 1 – Source Essence

Learning to observe the subtle and not so subtle energies of life gives us the keys to unfolding our destiny. We all come from source essence like an individual stream which comes from an opening in the earth. Our source essence is our link to life eternal and the ancestral patterns of our lineage. As we connect with what is most natural to us we discover hidden strengths which are roots for our power.

Becoming conscious of the ancestral patterns that challenge us is also super helpful in our quest for conscious evolution.

Each of us who is choosing to evolve this lifetime is also evolving through the patterns of our lineage – the good, bad, and the ugly! Sometimes the healing and transformations we are undertaking are deeply wired into our ancestors hang ups making it sticky to move beyond.

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