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Hi there,

My name is Peter Caughey, Founder and Senior Teacher at Forest Rock Taiji & Qigong School.

I am the main facilitator of our 200hr Live Online Qigong Teacher Training and I am excited that you are interested to learn more about it.

The world has changed the way we learn. Now online courses and workshops have become the way we connect and study.  We have worked out a way for people to have the best experience and a connection to Qigong and to become a part of a growing community.

Qigong can change your life. And it has done the same for many. By practicing, you have the potential to connect to something bigger than yourself and grow your confidence and peace of mind.

I really enjoy the live online experience and it is a lot more intimate than I expected and that is what makes our live online 200hr QTT so successful. Surprisingly it turns out to be a very effective and easy way to connect with people from all over the world.

I am looking forward to meeting you soon.

 Much love, peace and serenity,




Peter Caughey

Founder & Senior Teacher

Forest Rock Taiji & Qigong School

Never has there been a time like now in the history of human beings. Many of us are facing big changes in our lives. It is now more important than ever to be grounded, stay strong and tap into your inner peace that lives in you. The world may be chaotic but you don’t have to be.

Qigong is a direct way to connect you to something greater than yourself.

What if I told you that in only 9 weeks you could experience something more? That you could quiet your mind and change your life?

What’s included?

✔ 179 Practical Lessons & Lectures (pre-recorded & live)
✔ 37 Live Practical & Live Q&A Classes
✔ 40 Traditional Chinese Medicine Lectures
✔ 3 different Qigong Systems
✔ 7 Qigong Exercise Sets
✔ 3 Live one-on-one Assessments
✔ Access to a private chat group to connect with fellow students around the world & your teachers
✔ 200-hour Qigong Teacher Certification

There has never been a more important time to take action and create the life you want!

Pricing Options

The usual price for this training is $2.800 USD 


We are currently offering this training at a very

special rate to make it as accessible for you as possible.


Full Payment $2,000 usd

2  Payments of $1,000 USD/month

4x Payments of $500 USD/month

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Open Up The Possibility of Change - Become a Qigong Teacher



During our teacher training, you will gain a deep insight and foundation in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and how the energy systems in the body work according to these principles. This will become your framework in how to understand and teach Qigong, which is one of the aspects of TCM.


Our teachers have over 50 years of combined practice and teaching experience in both clinical TCM and Qigong practice.


Our online 200-hour teacher training is designed to include both those who want to teach Qigong and those doing for deepening their spiritual practice.

Most of the people that have already done the 200hr training didn’t necessarily want to teach either but to develop a solid Qigong practice and to learn about Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). 


"This course has been amazing and the compassion that you (Pete) have for us, not just as students but as human beings, and I feel that very much. I just want to express gratitude for that and for creating a safe place for learning and healing. This course has been my guiding line and been so supportive on that healing journey. Thank you very much."
Erica Eden
"I've been loving the course, my favourite set is the Five Elements, I relate so much to them, they are really beautiful. And I love your style of teaching, Pete, and all the little bits that you put in there and just make them going to a deeper level and waken something in us. Something that with the other Qigong teacher I've had, hasn't been there. It has been a fabulous experience."
Kerry-Ann Amisse
"It has been a privilege to studying with you. I'm experiencing myself very differently to how I was 9 weeks ago. Thai massage is my everyday and the way I'm experiencing my work and the way I'm connecting to my clients and experiencing another system and been able to read that have developed so much.
I also can see you training and how you enjoy teaching and it shows an insight intohow you live your life and I'm learning a lot through that. It was so good to see everybody and it is a great community I'd love to keep carry on with. Thank you."
Dave Hoyle
"I'm grateful for the lockdown as it came in the perfect timing. For me, it was like an internal journey and started more self-healing.

I also found the connection to my soul during the practice, and it was only my soul and nothing else that I can't really put into words. And I'm so glad for you, Peter."
Nita Narayan
I've done plenty of online courses on different subjects but usually they miss the personal connection, the teacher-student interaction and the flow of communication. The biggest advantage of this course is the chance to talk during the live Q&As because then everyone can ask their questions
Emi Vizhanyo

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