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Qigong changes your life and helps you to experience something bigger than yourself.​

The Forest Rock Taiji and Qigong School was founded with the vision to make Qigong practice and its teachings accessible for everyone.

In keeping with this vision, we would like to offer a Scholarship Program for our 200hr Qigong Teacher Training Online (QTT). This will allow the benefits of Qigong to reach people that might not otherwise be able to attend this training. 


It is open to individuals that have a regular Qigong, Taiji, Meditation, Yoga or other types of Wellness practices and would like to take the next step into learning more about Qigong and Traditional Chinese Medicine and continue with teaching Qigong.

The intention of this scholarship is to put passionate and experienced practitioner/s into a role of teaching and leadership.

This scholarship is not open to Qigong teachers who have previously completed more than 100hrs of teacher training courses either with Forest Rock Taiji and Qigong School or with other institutions.



  • existing experience in Qigong, Taiji, Meditation, Yoga and Wellness practices

  • have a strong intention to contribute to teach Qigong

  • a willingness to fulfill the Forest Rock Taiji and Qigong School’s Qigong Teacher Training requirements and commitments to complete the course

  • and the willingness to fulfill all post-training commitments to achieve the 200hr Qigong Teacher certification.




  • course admission for the full 9-week 200hr Qigong Teacher Training course

  • administrative fees and course manual

  • access to the chat group on Telegram

  • 3x one-on-one assessments during the course 

  • 200hr teaching certificate upon successful completion of the course.



For candidates attending this live online training, this scholarship grant does not cover meals, internet fees, printing cost and daily expenses. Students are free to choose their training place based on personal situations and preference and must be able to cover their own costs.




Applicants are to submit their application truthfully. Candidates must mention prior learning on the application form. Submit a max 2 mins video recording.



  • Introduce yourself with your interests and hobbies to us.
  • What previous experience do you have in practicing Qigong?
  • Why do you think you should receive the scholarship?
  • What’s your future intention with this certification?
  • The audio quality needs to be at a high enough level that we can hear you clearly and saved in Mp4 format.
  • Please send the recording via WeTransfer or by Dropbox.


Full course attendance is a requirement for the Teacher Training Certification. Candidates need to ensure their full availability for the duration of the training. If you can’t attend the live classes you are able to watch the recordings. 

Successful candidate/s attending the training are subject to the same certification requirements and commitments of their fellow participants in the 200hr Qigong Teacher Training program. 

A one-on-one assessment with the candidate will be scheduled in to evaluate their practice and teaching skills and to discuss post training commitments.



Upon successful completion of the live online Qigong Teacher Training, the candidate is also required to :

  • teach a minimum of 15 Qigong classes either in-person or online. Classes are to be taught at regular intervals as in weekly or bi-weekly classes and are required to be completed within 6 months following the completion of the Online QTT 

  • keep a record for each Qigong session taught on the form provided

  • submit a 300-500 word essay about your experience of any one of the Forest Rock Qigong systems that you have completed

  • submit a 30-minute Teaching Video demonstrating you teaching a class

  • Peter Caughey (founder of the Forest Rock Taiji and Qigong School) will provide feedback of the candidate’s teaching video.


Interested candidates are to fill out the form on this page.

More details will be provided once contact has been made.



Aside from the obvious benefits of getting a scholarship, the post-training teaching commitment allows the candidate to start teaching Qigong with confidence. 

Other benefits from being the successful candidate and completing the QTT course that the candidate/s will be able to: 

  • give back to the community

  • help their family and friends

  • have a lifetime membership to the Forest Rock Taiji and Qigong School

  • have a lifetime access to the Qigong exercises taught during the 200hr QTT 

  • have access to feedback and mentorship
  • get to test out and modify their Qigong sequences in relation to a particular group over an extended period (an observation and refinement process highly beneficial in learning to become a good Qigong teacher)

  • develop your self-confidence, discipline and perseverance teaching Qigong
  • gain valuable personal growth by the teaching experience

  • have a more extensive understanding about Traditional Chinese Medicine.

The Closing Date for Applications for the October 2022

200hr Qigong Teacher Training is

11 September 2022.

We will notify all Applicants by 19 September by email. 


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Thank You and Good Luck!

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