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“Win an enemy with love, gain a friend for life.”

The Forest Rock Taiji and Qigong School was established in 2003 by Peter and has a lineage connected to the philosophy and teachings of the Jen Gee Dao Tai Kit Kuen Traditional Monastery School from Southern China.

The Forest Rock School has a strong foundation in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Taiji and Qigong and was developed out of the original teachings from the Monastery School as well as from Peter’s over 25 years of study, practice and his understanding of the teachings, philosophy and principles of life from this lineage.

Some parts of the School’s philosophy were handed down by teachers and other parts have been formed by experience and is now being taught and upheld by the Forest Rock Taiji and Qigong Monastery School.

The basic principle of the School’s philosophy is to live in harmony and contentment with ourselves and other people as well as with all aspects of nature, the Earth we live on and the Universe we live in.

The School’s mission is to provide the base for people to discover the true essence of who they really are and how to live with abundant freedom.

Furthermore, it is about observing our deep relentless search for inner contentment in a world that is constantly changing, where, as human beings, we have ultimate choices. Yet, another aspect of the philosophy is our primal desire to discover and understand why we are here and how to find that inner peace.

Your support by attending classes, retreats and workshops and by donating to the School, helps to keep these teachings and philosophies alive and to also preserve them from being lost forever.

It is Peter’s privilege through the Forest Rock Taiji and Qigong School to carry on the traditions and teachings of some of these ancient practices.

The Trust & Its Vision

The Forest Rock Taiji and Qigong School was founded in 2008

The Forest Rock Taiji and Qigong School is a non-profit community organisation that was founded for the purpose of sharing the teachings of Qigong and Taiji with as many people as possible from around the world and also to introduce the Monastery based traditional principles and teachings that he has learnt through his years of training.

With the purpose of enhancing healthier lifestyle through increasing health and wellbeing to the wider community, the Trust supports the members of the School and their families and has a particular focus on supporting the elderly community and feeding and sponsoring homeless children from around the World.

What the Trust Has Done So Far:

  • It supports the elderly in New Zealand through ‘Taiji for the elderly’ classes taught by members of the School.
  • Peter has been sponsoring children in need through the World Vision and The Child Fund Programs for over 15 years and now the Forest Rock Trust sponsors children. These two organisations support underprivileged children from around the world. The Trust currently sponsors children in Uganda, Rwanda, Thailand, Argentina and Bali.

Peter’s vision is to create a retreat training facility in Bali, Indonesia, where members and non-members of the School can come to learn the philosophy and teachings of the Forest Rock Taiji and Qigong Monastery School.

If You Would Like to Support Peter’s Vision for the Forest Rock Taiji & Qigong Monastery School, You Can Do It Here. Thank You for Your Support

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