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Living Life as Energy

Living Life as Energy

In Chinese medicine the 5 elements offer us a holistic medical framework for viewing how the ways of nature relate to the functions of the body-mind. For example the Heart can be likened to the sun, it is full of expansive expressive energy. In the physical functions of the body, the Hearts expansive function manifests through the circulatory flows of the blood. Blood powered by the Heart travels to all parts of the body, like the sun which shines down on all of the earth.

On a spiritual-mental level – the heart like the sun, shines the light of awareness into our lives. When the sun is out we see more clearly, feel happier and uplifted. Similarly when our Heart energy is strong and powerful we feel brighter and happier in our lives.

As we deepen our understanding of these natural energy movements we can consciously steer our energy and our lives. As we learn to observe the energy of life and marry that with feeling of the flow of energy – Qigong – we discover how to live life as energy.

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