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The Truth About Drinking Water.

The Truth About Drinking Water.


There are a lot of fallacies about how much water we should drink in a day. Quite often you will hear people say you should drink 4 litres of water a day. In Traditional Chinese Medicine drinking that much water is actually not good for you. You end up with so much water in your metabolism that it puts a lot of pressure on your kidneys.

If you are detoxing then you do need to drink lots of water, I think that is were the idea of drinking large quantities of water came from. During detoxing, drinking a lot of water is important because you are washing all the toxins out of your system. The golden rule is that you drink when you’re thirsty, because we animals are very clever like that. When you’re thirsty you drink, and when you’re hungry you eat. So it’s really quite logical, unless you have a heat problem when you may be drinking extra to cool down and also you may be perspiring a lot of fluid.

You will know if you’re a hot person, you won’t like going into saunas because it’s too hot. Those sorts of people will be drinking lots of water because they’re actually dehydrated because they are burning it up, but generally if you’re in good health you usually drink when you’re thirsty. We get moisture from the air we breathe, there’s more moisture in the food we eat, more so than from the water we drink.

If you live in damp climate where there is a lot of humidity in the air, you’re getting a lot of moisture all the time. So this idea of drinking so much water, is actually not good for you. Sometimes with this high level of water consumption you will be getting up in the middle of the night and going to the toilet three of four times, and that’s not good for your health either because in theory at night you should be sleeping and resting not getting up to go the toilet. It is a good idea not to have anything to drink 1 hour before you go to bed.

There are lots of discussions about drinking out of plastic bottles and the PCPs in plastics. I have a glass bottle which I drink out of. I struggle with the idea of drinking from anything made of plastic so I use glass so I don’t get any of the impurities or chemicals that may come out of plastic.

I use a purifier which takes out heavy metals and harmful chemicals and bacteria such as Guardia, the water also tastes fantastic. There are many great water purifiers on the market. I want to mention distillers which take all the impurities and chemicals out of water but unfortunately also take the good minerals out as well which are important to us as nutrients. These distillers are good for taking out Guardia too but we need the minerals water contains, so you’re actually drinking water that has no nutritional value at all.

Water is vital for our survival and is a rich source of food. Water is a life food and a great source of nutritional substances and strength.

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