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Interview of Pete Larking on:

What is Neuroscience and How Does it Relate to Qigong?

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As a Neuropuncturist, Pete Larking has over 25 years of knowledge in self cultivations practices applying Qigong in a clinical setting and an in-depth understanding of both Neuroscience and Traditional Chinese Medicine. 

He has now combined the ancient knowledge of Qigong masters, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Neuroscience, within one course revealing the health benefits of Qigong from a biomedical perspective.

  • Gain insights into functional and restorative mechanisms of Qigong exercise practice: Posture, Breath, Meditation & Movement.
  • The course offers over 80 short videos
  • Get access to private chat group and research resources.

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Facilitator & Teacher


Peter has studied self-cultivation methods for 25 years. In that time, he has achieved diplomas in Tuina, qigong, Tai ji guan, Bio medical sciences and a Batchelor of Health Sciences specialising in acupuncture. He has studied Yin Yang Ba Pan (Ba Gua) and many different systems of Qigong, both Wei dan (external) and Nei dan (internal). He is a former teacher at the New Zealand School of Acupuncture lecturing in Bio medical sciences, Neurological anatomy, Chinese Medical theory, Tuina, Qi gong, Taijiquan and advanced acupuncture systems.

Peter is a specialist and leader in Bio electric medicine and Neuropuncture (Neuroscience Acupuncture) and is a certified Neuropuncturist. He has recently completed cadaver research at the MARC Institute, Miami, achieving the upper torso, head, face, brain and spine dissection module. Peter is the medical director of NeuroMedTec, New Zealand’s only Neuropuncture clinic and is one of the few qualified Neuropuncturist in the southern hemisphere. 

From his 15+ years of teaching he imparts his extensive knowledge in a digestible way, bridging the gap between the traditional Chinese medical model with the 21st century neuroscience mindset. To learn more about Peter and his experiences, please visit


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