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Nourishing Roots: Step 2 – Gathering Power

Nourishing Roots: Step 2 – Gathering Power

Once we are connected to our root power we then actively gather our power on a daily basis. Qigong strengthens the functional power of the organs which manufacture, regulate sustain and circulate the energy.

When we eat great food and the functional power of body is strong, we effortlessly transform our food and fluids into useable energy. Digestive power directly relates to earth energy. When our digestion is strong we feel more settled. To stay grounded it’s usually best to eat foods that grow in the ground near where we live.

In Chinese medicine problems with digestion generally suggest functional problems and/or nutritional deficiencies. These challenges need not be lifelong as when we strengthen the energy and reduce the stresses by adjusting diet, the body will heal and reset.

Digestion occurs on all levels, when the body is strong we can digest our whole life with greater ease. Sometimes we are losing power because there are things in our lives we can’t stomach! This may not always be a problem it can also be a barometer. Qigong helps us to gather and cultivate our daily power production. With more power at our centre we can manifest and ground the lives of our dreams.

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