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Meet Wisdom Keeper Cameron

Meet Wisdom Keeper Cameron

This week, I caught up with Chinese Medicine Doctor, teacher, author and retreat facilitator; Cameron Tukapua, who is super passionate about her craft and teachings. From day one of Chinese medical training Cameron has been a passionate explorer of ‘life as energy’. Her lifetime quest has been navigating paths for living a grounded spiritual life.

Cameron created and was Director of the Christchurch College of Holistic Healing – a New Zealand government registered Acupuncture training College. She has written a book called Opening Up, produced a film on Aligning Head and Heart, and lead spiritual self-identity retreats in rural China for nearly a decade. She will be sharing wisdom on  Nourishing Roots and 5 Element Theory amongst other things on the 30 Day – 200 Hour Qigong Teacher Training, 28 June – 27 July 2019.

Jemma: You have been in the healing world for quite some time. How did you get into this profession? What made you choose this path?

Cameron: Well I was always very connected to the land and plants and so I started on the healing path aged 18 years old studying naturopathy. During that time my brother died and it had a big effect on my life. When I was 21 I went to a party one night and met someone teaching at a Chinese Medicine college. She invited me to their open day the following day, which I went along to and enrolled and started the very same day! TCM has really shaped who I am.

Jemma: What do you teach in the world of self-development?

Cameron: Well, I work with nourishing the Yin energy. At this time in our human history education on our inner Life (our Yin Being) is exploding in the mindfulness and energy healing movement, which is a sign that the collective consciousness is evolving fast! By tapping into and cultivating more of the Yin energy which is all about ‘being’, it balances out the yang energy of ‘doing’, creating balance and harmony in our lives.

I also share teachings on connecting with our ancestral strengths and talents, helping people connect to where they come from and exploring the emotional conditions that come with that inheritance. Understanding this enables us to know what we stand for and tap into the strength of our ancestral line and see our patterns and how to break them.

Working with our ancestral lines, Yin energy and our Jing (the essence stored in our bones) we have an opportunity to deeply explore being connected to the essence of who we really are and are more able to be ourselves in the world.

“I love being party to empowering people to know their place in the Universe and gather the keys to unfolding their destiny. Across 3 decades I have witnessed hundreds of people transform their lives by discovering language and practices to connect their inner and outer worlds”

Wow that all sounds incredible! I love that your life has been a complete dedication to the path from so early on and you have so much wisdom to share. So, besides teaching and healing what do you love to do for fun?

I enjoy Nia Dance, which is a fusion of Latin American, Taiji, Salsa and Jazz. And I love the ocean.

Jemma: That sounds like a lot of fun. And yes, the Ocean is just magic.

Thank you so much for sharing some insights and into what you will be sharing with us on the 30 Day 200 Hour Qigong Teacher Training. We are intrigued to learn more. Before you go, what is your favourite quote?

“Wherever you are is the entry point” – Kabir

Cameron believes the most valuable thing that you can gain from this retreat is the experience of living in wholehearted community, how that feels, and how to do that when you return to your life.

If you are interested in attending the Forest Rock 30 Day – 200 Hour Teacher Training 28 June -27 July 2018 or would like more information. Click HERE.

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