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Welcome to the Forest Rock Online Qigong School

We aim to bring you high quality Qigong courses and trainings that are accessible to everyone from anywhere in the world.

We have six Qigong courses where you can learn well known system like the Shi Ba Shi Taiji Qigong, Ba Duan Jin, Heaven to Earth, Zhan Zhuang Qigong, Five Elements Qigong and Long Life Qigong. We have as well many specialty courses like our Healing Qigong Series, Advanced Reflexology, Brain Exercises for Dyslexia and a course dedicated to help you to have a great nights sleep among others.

Qigong Master Peter Caughey also offers eight live online Qigong classes per month and access to the class library, so you can always have fresh content to practice.

We offer online trainings where you can become a qualified Qigong Teacher. This can be achieved through our 200hr Live Online Qigong Teacher Training or our Online Qigong Courses.

Take a look below to find a course for you to begin practicing Qigong today.

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The Forest Rock School has a strong foundation in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Taiji Quan and Qigong.

It was developed out of the original teachings from the monastery school and from Peter Caughey’s 30 years of study, practice and his understanding of the teachings, philosophy and principles of life from this lineage.

Forest Rock Qigong Online Courses

200hrs Live Online Qigong Teacher Training

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Recent Releases

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Four Day Live Online Qigong Courses

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Weekly Live Online Classes & Free Course

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Online Qigong Classes

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Specialist Courses

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Healing Qigong Series

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