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Forest Rock 200-Hour Live
Online Qigong Teacher Training

2021 | 4 October - 5 December

Never has there been a time before like NOW in the history of human beings.

Many of us are facing big changes in our lives right now, and to quote Tony Robbins ‘The quality of your life is in direct proportion to the amount of uncertainty you can comfortably deal with’.

Now is the time to confront difficult emotions that may have been a barrier to stopping you from everything you want in life.

No matter what you do or achieve in life, there is a way to get there. Qigong is a direct path to connect you with your true self and to something greater than you.

By practicing Qigong you will live in the present moment and face what obstacles arise with confidence and commitment to creating the life that you want.

If you feel that you are being called to stand up and lead, to make a difference in your life and to help others then there has never been a greater time to do this.

Take action now towards creating the quality of life you want for yourself and your loved ones and learn to share the gift of Qigong that keeps on giving.

Much Love,
Peter Caughey

Founder and Senior Teacher
Forest Rock Taiji & Qigong School

Open Up the Possibility of Change -
Become a Qigong Teacher

200-hour Live Online Qigong Teacher Training
with Masterful Guidance & Instruction Next Training Dates

Next Training Dates
2021 | 4 October - 5 December


  • The trainings runs for 9 weeks
  • It includes 4 different Qigong Systems:
    Heaven to Earth, Shi Ba Shi, 5 Element &
    Dao Yin Qigong
  • You will learn 7 different sets of exercises
  • You will get access to 165 practical lessons
    and lectures in total (pre-recorded & live)
  • 37 live online practical classes
  • 40 Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)
  • 9 live Q&A sessions (one per week)
  • 3 live one-on-one assessments

The Forest Rock Qigong approach is
practical, enjoyable, and easy-to-follow
for anyone at any level of experience.

Along with the opportunity to increase your
impact, community involvement and income,
Qigong also offers you – the practitioner – a
practical, well-rounded form of self-care.

How does this training work online?
Practicalities & technicalities.

Online Vs. Live Classes

  • The training consist of pre-recorded lessons, live practice classes as well as
    live Q&A sessions.
  • You will have one-on-one assessments.
  • You will receive a printable Training Manual.

Weekly Schedule

  • At the beginning of each week all video lessons will be released for that week so you can
    watch and practice when it suits you. You can plan in between 1-3 hours max. per day for
    the recorded classes.
  • The live practice classes, Q&As and live meditations will be on the weekends to work
    in with your work and family life. You can plan in 2-3 hours max. on the weekends.
  • Accommodating different time zones: We have tried to cater for the different time zones to
    make it easier for everyone around the globe to join. Though if you can’t make a live session,
    don’t worry, all of the live classes & Q&As will be recorded so you won’t miss anything.
  • There will be two rest days per week so you can learn at a comfortable pace.
  • Every three weeks we will start with a new Qigong System.

Forest Rock Community

  • You will have access to a private chat group on facebook where you can talk with your fellow
    students and post any questions that may arise for your teachers.


For you to experience this training smoothly from a technical perspective you need:

  • A good wifi connection
  • Speakers to connect to your computer
  • Headphones with a microphone

While 9 weeks may seem like a long time, it’s really just a moment in your life.

Though what seems like a moment, will change you for the rest of your life!

What will you gain from this course?

This course will help you live more in the present moment and experience life in your heart in a new and different way.

For Your Mind

Learn how to strengthen
the tendons and muscles.

Improve the suppleness
of your spine.

Repair damage caused
by excessive emotions
and worry.

For Your Body

Gain a deeper
understanding of
Traditional Chinese
Medicine & Qigong.

Learn Qigong medical applications & theory.

Learn how to make
a lesson plan and
teach others.

For Your Soul

You will gain a freedom
and feel a greater sense
and sensitivity of the movement of Qi (energy)
in yourself which will stay
with you forever.

Have a calmer mind
and clearer focus.

Have a deeper sense
of purpose.

Learn how to live with
a stronger connection
to your own Heart.

Deepen your connection
with your own intuition
and wisdom.

Become a part of an international community
of like-minded people who
will become friends for life.

A training based on Traditional Chinese Medicine: The Curriculum

  • What is Qigong and the history of Qigong
  • Qigong practice guidelines
  • Safety precautions for practicing Qigong
  • Qigong stances and breathing techniques
  • Dao Yin Qigong Opening and Closing Forms
  • The Shi Ba Shi Taiji Qigong System
  • The Five Element Qigong System
  • The Heaven and Earth Qigong System
  • Medical applications of the Shi Ba Shi, Five Elements, Heaven and Earth and Dao yin Zang fu Qigong exercises
  • Clinical applications of the Shi Ba Shi, Five Elements, Heaven and Earth and Dao yin Zang fu Qigong exercises
  • Forest Rock Taiji & Qigong Monastery School philosophy
  • Weekly Sunday night meditations (8 different meditation practices)
  • Understanding your purpose in life
  • Develop a deeper connection with yourself, others, nature and the world
  • Discover why you are here

Neuro-Pyshiology & Anatomy of Qigong

  • A deeper understanding of Traditional Chinese Medicine
  • Applying a neuroscience mindset to the Traditional Chinese Medical view of
    anatomy and physiology
  • Chinese Medical anatomy of the Jing Lou system
  • Neuro-anatomy and physiology of Qigong, understanding the mechanisms

  • Using the neuroscience mechanisms and language in your Qigong practice, classes and clinics

TCM on Food & Nutrition

  • Food for the 5 Yin organs
  • Good eating habits

Teaching Qigong

  • 20 fundamentals of teaching
  • How to create a lesson plan
  • How to conduct a practical Qigong lesson
  • How to start a successful Qigong business
  • 9 live weekly group Q&As
  • 37 live Qigong exercise practices
  • Live one-on-one Q&A and assessments

Medical Qigong Theory & Application

  • Dao Yin Zang Fu exercises
  • Dao Yin Qigong exercises for insomnia
  • Dao Yin Qigong exercises for hypertension (high blood pressure)
  • Yin Yang theory
  • Five Element Theory lessons & spiritual aspects
  • Jing, Qi, Blood and body fluids
  • The six healing sounds for the 6 organs
  • The emotions associated with the 12 meridians
  • 24-hour Qi cycle body clock

Learn 7 Sets of Exercises from the 4
Different Qigong Systems

Heaven to Earth Qigong

With Heaven & Earth Qigong you to connect with heaven Qi or the energy outside of the body and with the energy from the earth and create an ever-increasing
life force in yourself.

You will learn how to connect to heaven and
earth in your body, mind and soul and feel connected to the limitless energies of these forces everyday of your life.

This system creates vitality, stamina, happiness, contentment, overall calmness and a quiet peaceful mind.

By unlocking the mystery that lives inside this Qigong system, you will connect to something greater than yourself.excessive emotions and worry.

Shi Ba Shi Qigong

This series aids in increasing vital energy in the body, develops energy, strength and stamina.

It helps in calming, grounding the body and increases strength and flexibility.

Shi Ba Shi Taiji helps you develop self-awareness, balance, perseverance, discipline and it help you treat digestive disorders.

You will learn how to develop an open heart, bring quietness to your busy mind and gain a sense of purpose and direction.

Develop your sensitivity of the movement of Qi (energy) in yourself & others and learn the Qigong medical applications & theory of the Shi Ba Shi Taiji Qigong system.

Five Element Qigong

Learn about the Five Element Qigong exercises and their medical and clinical applications.

5 Element colour meditation: which involves developing an ability to visualise your whole body and the meridians in their individual elemental colours.

5 Element sound meditation: which involves the 5 healing sounds associated with each of the 5 elements.

Increase your awareness of the workings of the 5 elements within your body and the environment.

Deepen your connection
with nature and the 5 elements.

Dao Yin Opening & Closing Qigong

The Qigong stances.

Qigong breathing.

Body alignment.

Clearing perverse Qi.

Dao Yin Hypertension Qigong

How to reduce hypertension (high blood pressure) in the body.

Regulate blood circulation.

Regulate the heartbeat.

Dao Yin Insomnia Qigong

How to get a better night sleep.

How to rectify insomnia and sleep disturbances.

Dao Yin Opening & Closing Qigong

How to stimulate the movement of Qi and blood in the 5 main Yin organs.

Strengthen and regulate
the energy in the organs.

Treat different medical dysfunctions in relation
with the organs.

Regulate respiration, digestion and elimination.

Harmonise blood, Qi and body fluids.

You Will Leave This Training With...

Forest Rock 200-hour Qigong Teacher Certification

Once you are certified, you can become an associate member of the Forest Rock Taiji & Qigong Monastery School. This will gain you access to ongoing trainings, registration on our website and connection and support from our Qigong community.

Confidence to Teach

Confidence in teaching is the biggest barrier on a new teachers journey. While not everyone who takes the training will decide to be a teacher, you’ll leave feeling like you have something of immense value to share with the world.

Tools for building your teaching career

Our training includes a Qigong Business Training seminar in how to set up a profitable business.

About Forest Rock

The Forest Rock Taiji and Qigong School has a lineage connected to the philosophy and teachings of the Jen Gee Dao Tai Kit Kuen Traditional Monastery School from Southern China.

Furthermore we also have a strong foundation in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Taiji Quan and Qigong. It was developed out of the original teachings from the monastery school and from Peter’s 25 years of study, practice and his understanding of the teachings, philosophy and principles of life from this lineage.

Our team brings you masterful trainings that will stay with you for the rest of your life.

Together we discover your true self and purpose helping you connect with who you know you are so you can begin to share the gift of Qigong and to help transform others.

Join our renowned international teacher Masters

Peter Caughey & Peter Larking

on this transformational training of self-discovery and the ancient teachings of Qigong.

Meet The Teachers

Peter Caughey

Founder of the Forest Rock Taiji and Qigong School, a Master Qigong Practitioner, Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Acupuncturist and Master Qigong Practitioner – Peter Caughey is an internationally renowned healer and teacher with a practice of over 25 years.

His mission is to help people discover their true essence and live with abundant freedom.

Peter has put his life’s learnings, teachings and experience together to create a deep and profound life changing experience using the art of Qigong to teach others how they, too, can share this treasure.

Peter is a member of the World Academy Society of Medical Qigong.

Peter Larkin

Peter has studied self-cultivation methods for 25 years. In that time, he has achieved diplomas in Tuina, qigong, tai ji guan, Bio medical sciences and a Batchelor of Health Sciences specialising in acupuncture. He has studied Yin Yang Ba Pan (Ba Gua) and many different systems of Qigong, both Wei dan (external) and Nei dan (internal). He is a former teacher at the New Zealand School of Acupuncture lecturing in Bio medical sciences, Neurological anatomy, Chinese Medical theory, Tuina, Qi gong, Taijiquan and advanced acupuncture systems.
Peter is a specialist and leader in Bio electric medicine and Neuropuncture (Neuroscience Acupuncture) and is a certified Neuropuncturist. He has recently completed cadaver research at the MARC Institute, Miami, achieving the upper torso, head, face, brain and spine dissection module. Peter is the medical director of NeuroMedTec, New Zealand’s only Neuropuncture clinic and is one of the few qualified Neuropuncturist in the southern hemisphere. From his 15+ years of teaching he imparts his extensive knowledge in a digestible way, bridging the gap between the traditional Chinese medical model with the 21st century neuroscience mindset. To learn more about Peter and his experiences, please visit

What makes our training unique

Strong focus & teaching on Traditional Chinese Medicine

During our teacher training, you will gain a deep insight and foundation in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and how the energy systems in the body work according to these principles. This will become your framework in how to understand and teach Qigong, which is one of the aspects of TCM.

Learn from Masters

Our teachers have over 25 years of practice and teaching experience in both clinical TCM and Qigong practice.

Not just for teachers

Our online 200-hour teacher training is designed to include both those who want to teach Qigong and those doing for deepening their spiritual practice.

Pricing Options

The usual price for this training is $2.800, though
we believe special times need special acts.

This is why we currently offer this training at a very
special rate to make it as accessible for you as possible!


Pay in Full Pay with Payment Plans


Email us at or reach out directly through Whatsapp for a chat by clicking here.

We’d be happy to get to know you, book a call, also possible through Skype to help you with anything you need.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, many of our students take the training just to deepen their practice.

Qigong is a gentle form of exercise and you don’t need any prior experience of Qigong to be able to attend. It is recommended that you are in reasonably good health as you will be practicing physical exercises.

Yes, the training can be broken into monthly payments.

Anyone can join the training but it is recommended that you’ve had some

experience with a Qigong or Taiji teacher in person.

You must be at least 18 years old to take the training.

There is no maximum age limit.

Teaching is the best way to learn and to deepen your practice and connection.

Teaching shifts the internal focus of your individual practice out into the external. It gives you a sense of how your own energy and technique are truly manifesting through you.

If you already have a healthcare degree, then you might find Qigong is a great complementary practice to have for yourself and your students or patients.