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It’s been four weeks since I posted the article about ‘The Things I Love to Do List’. So if you did that, you may have found the happiness it could bring into your life again. You may also have been surprised with some of the things that came up and ended up on your list – the things that you love to do.

The next thing I did in this process was ‘The Good Times Memories List’, which is to recall all the times you can remember when you were really happy and the events that happened in your life at the time. Start from your childhood and remember really happy times. Like your first bike, going to a certain person’s birthday party, a special present, a special moment with your parents, etc. Then to your teen years, first kiss, first girlfriend/boyfriend, etc. I think you get what I mean.

You might find that a flood of images might come flying back or sometimes none, give it a time, they will come. An important point I mentioned with the other list is that you may recall a negative or not so positive memory. Just let it go and return to remembering the positive events. Sometimes our minds are negatively geared so we are changing a pattern by do the good time list.

You need to write all these positive events down as they have more power if you bring them to life in written words. When other good memories come up, write them down, too. Because you are activating good memories, they may come up at any times during the day so I suggest that you take a pad and pen with you or use your phone to write them down or use your phone voice memo. Record them some way before you forget them. Then finally write down all the recent happy events as well.

Once you have your list, keep adding things to it as they happen; events that make you laugh now. A funny video you watched or someone singing a beautiful song. I found that when I was writing down the list and thinking of all the times that made me smile, I could feel the feeling of joy and happiness radiating through my body. 

It’s a great feeling and after that I would give gratitude for that experience, which anchored the memory in my mind.

When I did this, it brought back some amazing, funny, crazy memorable times in my life. I thought of dressing up with my three mates like ‘Kiss’, the rock band, including the face paint and going to a party when I was 19. I had long hair (yes, I did have hair, haha). I remember getting a plastic grader (one of those machines that marks the road) for my 5th birthday and getting my photo taken on a swing at my neighbours’ house, I was so happy. I remembered my first parachute jump, not that I felt joy jumping out of the plane – it was more like fear – but I remembered the feeling when I landed on the ground safely. Whoa, what a buzz. I hadn’t thought of these things for years, and even writing them down now, I’m sitting here smiling. What a great way to change the way I feel. Try it yourself, you will see what I mean.

Have fun writing your list.

Much Care,
Pete C

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