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Build up your force field (Wei Chi) with an exercise from the Five Element Qigong System

Build up your force field (Wei Chi) with an exercise from the Five Element Qigong System

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We’ve just passed mid-year or Winter and Summer Solstice. When there’s a seasonal change, the body also changes and you might notice that when most of the flu viruses tend to happen. At the change of seasons as a body and metabolism change, it triggers things to happen in the body. This is the exercise that you can do to boost your immune system and make it strong. In Chinese Medicine, we call it Wei Chi.

Wei Chi is your immune system and it’s funded by a couple of different energetic meridians inside the body, namely the Spleen and Stomach, the Kidneys and the Lungs. The energies from these organs help to create Wei Chi, like a force field around the outside of your body, that stops any pathogens getting in. It stops too much heat getting into your body as well as it stops the wind and the cold of the damp. It also stops bugs, bacteria and viruses getting into your body.

Knowing that we have openings to the outside as a physical body, we have those danger points when it comes to attacks from bacteria. These openings to the outside are our eyes, our ears, our nose and our mouth.

Though, our body is very clever at fighting the force that lives outside and keeps adapting as the bugs, bacteria and viruses keep changing. It knows what they’re doing and they know what we’re doing. So, we have this funny little battle between antibodies and pathogens in the body. It’s very clever, but the stronger you are, the stronger your army is. It’s pretty simple.

The wars have been going on since the day you were born and haven’t finished. They keep going all the time. And as you say, if you want to keep your body nice and strong, keep your Wei Chi strong, then your antibodies keep producing. And the conflict carries on.

But this is a natural thing that happens in the world. It’s always happened. It’s not something new and we’ve survived for a long, long time with this going on. And, so has the bacteria. And, so have the viruses. They’ve all survived and they’ve all adapted. Just like we adapt to it. We adapt to them and they adapt to us and we adapt better, so that they can’t get to us by keeping our immune system strong. It’s really that simple. Keep our bodies strong, keep our energy strong.

You can do this exercise every day. You can do it when you wake up in the morning and you can do it before you go to bed at night time.

After practicing this exercise, I feel like my whole energy field has gotten bigger.

Have a beautiful day. Enjoy your life today. And if your life isn’t in a good space and it is tough for you today, enjoy the little piece. Focus on the one piece that is good today. Focus on that one thing as there’ll always be one piece. And it isn’t just breath in and breath out. Be glad that you’re alive and having this experience.

Be cool everybody!

Have a great day.



Pete C.

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