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Is your head disconnected from your body?

Is your head disconnected from your body?

Watch the video to practice an easy Taiji/Qigong exercise to connect your head to the rest of your body. It will also give you ways to identify and observe whether you are disconnected or not.

I conducted a One on One Qigong/Taiji class today and observed that the woman I was teaching had a disconnection from the upper part of her body to the lower half. It was like they weren’t communicating with each other. I have seen this many times when people are walking and their legs are moving and it looks like the rest the body is following. I don’t think it’s a personal problem, I think it is a societal problem with more people spending a lot of time in their heads with the constant busy mind dilemma.

I gave her Qigong exercises to do to help reconnect the upper and lower parts of her body and a practice to help rectify this imbalance. By the end of the lesson her body was moving as a whole more fluidly, but she will need to keep practicing.

You may not even be aware if you are doing this or not as it will have become a normal way of moving to you. To keep a high level of health and to keep the energy or Qi and blood circulating efficiently this connection is vital, it’s like the steering wheel of your car not talking to the front wheels and the front wheels are just on auto pilot. In the human body this kind of disconnection can create hip, knee and back problems and pain.

So I encourage you to watch yourself walking and observe how you walk, and the next time your talking to somebody watch how you are talking to them. Is it from your head or your body/heart? 

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Pete C

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