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5 Elements as a way of being

5 Elements as a way of being

Through the 5 elements of nature we have direct access to the animating force of life –  energy. The same life energy is shared by all living things – each expressing in unique and different ways. The 5 elements of Nature are Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water.  Wood – in the natural world can be seen in the flora and everything that grows, Fire – is visible in the sun and light of the sky, Earth – manifests as the soil and landscape, Metal – the minerals, stones and mountains and Water – the rivers, lakes and oceans.

The ways that the five elements express in nature are also mirrored in our human nature, traits and behaviour. Each of the five ways express unique characteristics which are all manifestations of the same life energy. Exploring these simple archetypal characters gives us easy access to the universal ways in which people think, act and feel. They help reveal the natural strengths and challenges which affect us all.

As living expressions of life in flow we can activate the elements to balance our nature For example: stimulating our Fire by more time in the sun, or soothing our fears by bathing in water.

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