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Teacher Registration Page

Teacher Registration

It has been my vision to share Qigong with as many people as possible all over the world. By teaching others to teach Qigong has been a way to reach even more people. 

It is important to me that there are standards and a code of conduct that we, as teachers, can uphold so we can provide the highest quality of teaching as Forest Rock Teachers.


You can read the Teaching Standards HERE.

Teacher Directory

We welcome you to join the Forest Rock Online Teacher Directory if you have been certified by Forest Rock Qigong. This is a place on our website for people to locate a Qigong teacher from all over the world. People can search and find a certified Forest Rock teacher who is close to them and their class timetable and location.

This will help our growing community and also for others to find someone who is teaching the Forest Rock exercise systems close to them so people can continue practicing Qigong. 

Once you have become a certified Forest Rock Qigong Teacher, you can register as a Forest Rock Qigong teacher.

Benefits of Becoming a Registered Teacher

The benefits of being a registered teacher besides being part of the Forest Rock world wide teaching community are:

>Teacher Profile on the Forest Rock Website

By registering, you can create your teacher profile page on the website and share a photo and information about yourself and the location and times of your classes and courses.

> Affiliate Programme

You can also join our Affiliate Programme to share any of our courses with your community and students. Click HERE to learn more about our Affiliate Programme.

>You will be able to use the Forest Rock logo.

As a Registered Forest Rock Teacher, you will be able to use the Forest Rock logo on your advertising material and advertise yourself as a Registered Certified Forest Rock Qigong Teacher. We will send you the guidelines on how you can use our logo in your marketing after you register.

The Registration Process

  1. It is Free to join.

  2. During the registration process you will create a user ID and password.

  1. Once you have registered you will need to log into the site. 

  2. Please add anything that you would like people to know, e.g. your qualifications and experience, the places that you teach, contact details and web address.

  3. Add your picture. The recommended size for your Profile Picture is an image with an aspect ratio of 2:3 (e.g., 200px by 300px, 400 px by 600 px, etc). Ideally the profile picture should have no borders or whitespace around it. Also please send your photo to

  4. If you want to add a banner to share information about classes or workshops you can do this in the “Deals” box.  For the “Deals” image, we recommend that you use wide images if possible. Tall images will require people to scroll down to see the Deal and that could cause some lost of interest. The recommended image size is about 800px wide x 400px high.

If you have any questions, please email us at


Teacher Registration

  • Listing on the Forest Rock Website Teachers Directory
  • List Your Teacher Profile - which includes locations & times for your classes, workshops & coursestem
  • Able to use Forest Rock logo on your advertising material and advertise as a Forest Rock Teacher

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