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How to stay Big and Cultivating your Qi

LEARN MORE ABOUT OUR 200HR QIGONG LIVE ONLINE TEACHER TRAINING In order to stay big, it is necessary to cultivate your energy and to consistently build and grow your Qi, your vital life force. A daily practice is the best way to achieve this. It allows you to activate and harness the energy from inside and outside of yourself. Taking care of your energy both physically and mentally, taking time for self-enquiry, spiritual nourishment and deepening your understanding of yourself and your potentials are part of my spiritual practice. They are my priority to maintain constant growth. A deeper Qigong practice will not only boost your health but also allows you to respond from a place of clarity, peace and consciousness. A great way to get you into a routine of a daily practice is by joining our 200-hour Qigong Teacher Training. It’s designed to train you to see the bigger picture, to reduce stress and live from your awakened inner power. You will learn to perform Qigong exercises and the wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine. It will give you practical and real guidance to experience and discover your true self. LEARN MORE:

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