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Qigong live Online – Balancing the emotions of the Liver

Qigong Live Online Weekly Class with Peter Caughey Filmed on: 16-06-20 Class subject: Balancing the emotions of the Liver Hi everyone, Here is yesterday's Qigong class. We are updating how we are sharing the live classes and their recordings. From next week my recorded classes will now be available only on my website: Go to the link and register and you will be sent the detail for how to attend the live classes and to gain access to the live class library. To cover the admin costs there will be only a small fee of $10.00 per month subscription to get access to the 8 live classes a month and all the previous classes library. Come and be join our live class community that we have built up over the last few months. Here is the link again to join: See you in class. Cheers, Pete C My intention is to share Qigong exercises, health practices and philosophy with you, and to inspire you to live a healthy happy life with a quiet mind and a peaceful heart.

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