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The Healing Codes and Q Codes

The Healing Codes and Q Codes

There are four healing centers on the body discovered by Dr. Alex Lloyd.

It is a unique system, which doesn’t work on the emotions, it doesn’t focus on thought patterns, it doesn’t heal your conscious beliefs, it doesn’t heal your actions and behaviours and it doesn’t focus on the physiology of the body.

It does focus on underlying spiritual issues of any problem that you can have in your life. These are essentially cellular memories and it is the underlying issue that has causes the problems from the beginning.

Dr. Bruce Lipton says 95% of all illnesses are caused by stress and 100% of stress is caused by a wrong or negative belief. Each negative belief has its own form of stress energy associated with it and these forms of stress cause a disease gene to be unmasked that otherwise would have never been unmasked.

We all come into this life with a genetic imprint of a set of beliefs from our parents and society confirms our beliefs. With these beliefs comes different forms of stress and these different forms of stress can unmask and activate disease genes, creating certain sicknesses and illnesses in our lives. According to Dr. Bruce Lipton, a genetic illness is caused by an earlier family member being under stress where a disease gene was unmasked and now it is carried down the family tree. So the theory is, if we remove these negative belief stories, it will remove the stress and that in turn will remove the illness.

I’ve made two videos that talk you through the whole process and watch the video below for Part 1 of the Healing Codes.

This is Part 2 to The Healing Codes which are a powerful way to clear physical, mental, emotional and spiritual blockages. The Q Codes, are a turbo boost of the Healing Codes which makes the effect even stronger and faster.

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